My debut novel BROKEN SMILES coming mid 2014

When my publisher told me they loved my title Broken Smiles and wanted to keep it, I was thrilled. Here’s why.

As many authors will tell you, my story started as a dream. Well . . . that and a semi truck.

Many years ago driving across the dusty desert of Arizona, a large semi truck cut me off,  missing my front bumper by inches. Upon the back gates, a photo of a young girl smiled down at me. I found myself speeding up to stay in the wake of this truck. The Chinese child had a cleft palate and was an advertisement for Operation Smile or Smile Train. Memories flooded into my mind of when I lived in China and held a child just like this one.

“Help me,” the girl seemed to say down to me through the photo.

“How?” I replied. At the time I was beyond broke, driving a car that rattled and sputtered.

“Then tell my story.”

I cried. And then the dreams began. . .

My dream flourished into a song within a dream. It started with two sentences.

“Comfort like a mother’s love when it feels like it’s the end,

Broken Smiles on little faces that only he can mend.”

Okay, great, so I had a mother, a musician, a handsome humanitarian doctor, and a handful of children with Broken Smiles.

Now that my novel is finished, I can focus on answering the plea of this young child’s cry for help by making connections and figuring out the best way to do that.

There’s so much humanitarian work I want to do. My greatest dream would be to live the life that my doctor lives in this novel. I try to do little things now and a season will come when I will answer the call to do more, much more. 

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Mandella Green says:

    “Freakin’ awesome” to borrow a quote from Miss Charming.


  2. Michelle says:

    You are amazing! And so is your book! I am so excited for you and I am excited to keep up with your blog 🙂


  3. Sherry Gloag says:

    Best wishes with your new book. I hope all your hard work with your foundation pays off.


  4. Kristi says:

    Awesome! Just like you:)


  5. Jenny says:

    Your whole website looks amazing! I’m so proud if you!!


  6. Emily Ernst says:

    WAIT! Is this a blog??!!! Yea! Can’t wait for you!!


  7. Dude, I wish I dreamed like that.
    Once I dreamed that my villain had chicken legs. Not to eat. Like his legs were that of a chicken. Not cool.
    Nice to meet you at storymakers!


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