Into the Mystic

This has been my very favorite song for about two decades.

I remember as a teenager playing this song on repeat over and over again while thinking deep thoughts. Ha! Well, as deep as a teenager can anyway. This song inspired a lot of terrible poetry on my part back then. Probably still does 🙂 but for some reason, it just speaks to me.

Enjoy the song as you thumb through my shiny new web-site that was brought to you by none other then my amazing artist brother Todd Powelson. He is the graphic designer for Adobe (yes, he’s that amazing!) Seriously, check out his website at I love his artwork and have many of his ‘flower series‘ on the walls of my home. He is constantly featured in galleries and art shows. His blog is Artduh. If you need help with web, graphic, or logo design, he’s your man. He also has done illustrations for books and even book covers. Check out his resume, He’s basically amazing!

Enjoy the tune – Tara

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