The Wild Mustang

This weekend I spent an enlightening day at a wild mustang sanctuary called Wild Heart Sanctuary in Park City, Utah. Anyone who knows me, knows I adore horses.

They are my spirit animal. Image

Although my constant wish upon a star as a child to own a horse never came true, the cosmos smiled down upon me and bestowed blessings. Horse neighbors, riding lessons, and many opportunities throughout my life, filled the void. As a child, I was given packs of gum for payment to feed the horses everyday. Often times I found myself sitting in the middle of the pasture with velvet muzzles kissing my face. I am convinced that the most exhilarating feeling in the world is to run with a horse. Forget the roller coasters, the downhill skiing, the cliff jumping; I have done all of those. It is riding on the wind with a horse, that gives you the greatest rush. It is something that we, as a people, have lost. No longer the vehicle on which we depend upon for transportation, the horse is now a luxury.

And often times a burden…

This wild horse sanctuary opened my eyes to the cruelty of the atrocious holding pens and slaughter houses for the burden of the wild mustang. Oh, what have we done! We have erased the hoof print. There are currently over 50,000 wild mustangs in government holding pens. I urge you to go onto this website: Wild-Heart-Sanctuary and click on the documentary that my new friend and fellow wild heart Sonya Richins produced called MESTENGO. You can sign up and she will send it to you via e-mail for free.

Because of my love for horses, one of the main characters in my YA fantasy novel VAGABOND is a horse called Polaris. (hence wishing on a star when I was a child) Here is an excerpt from my novel.

He was a strange, powerful beast. I thought for the briefest of moments that he was born in this small space of time for me alone.

I peered deep into his horse eyes. The swirling fractals drew me in as if I was staring into the dark cosmos of space. Little bubbles of order formed around the pupil and I knew, just knew, that we had met before. In some other dimension or magnificent realm. The depth of his eye was not that of a young horse, but of a stalwart animal with old memories.

I knelt down before his face and buried my head into his muscular shoulder. His neck molded atop the crown of my head. Our hearts beat as one.

There was no ‘breaking in’ of this animal. How do you break in a wild creature? I drew my head back again and gazed into his infinite eyes, and I swear . . . I saw him smile.

– Tara

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  1. From one horse lover to another—great article!

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