A Year of Paying It Forward

Below is a fantastic blog post and I vow to follow suit. I have bought many books from indie and small press authors as well as traditionally published. Years ago, I made a comparable connection within the music industry. My tastes have never been the top 100 Billboard list or what you hear over and over on the radio. I’ve always enjoyed new music and singer/songwriters.
The same goes for books. The writing community is like a large family. I love supporting others like me who work hard and don’t necessarily do this for fame and fortune, but because an unquenchable fire burns inside us and the only way to release the flame… is by words.
Glad to see others doing the same thing. Now I will go and check out some of the recommendations.

Suffolk Scribblings

Pay it forward

A year ago almost to the day I had an epiphany. At the time I was spending an awful lot of effort encouraging people to buy my recently published book, Second Chance, but realised every book I’d bought myself up until that point was published by one of the major publishers. I’d not bought, or read, an indie book, yet here I was trying to persuade others to buy mine.

The reason for not buying indie wasn’t snobbery but laziness. I bought books from authors I knew. I rarely tried anything new, and it was even rarer for me to read outside of my favourite genre comfort zone. Yet I’d received lots of support from the indie writing community, both how to write and publish a book, as well as lifting me up when my spirits were down. I knew I wanted to do something to pay the community back and support my…

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