Longsheng, China

b0df697654e0a48eb4e0b234f9415431 SONY DSC I am feeling a sense of nostalgia and wanderlust. My thoughts often drift to this magnificent place and so I wanted to share with you photos of the setting for my novel Broken Smiles. This is how I picture my village. I’ve backpacked all through China when I lived there. Longsheng was by far my favorite place. That is why I chose to make it the main setting for my book. The terraced rice are called the Dragon’s Backbone. I have awoken to the sides of the mountains flaming in early dawn. The mist is the breath of sleeping giants. It inhales and exhales, rich with life. Content. Peaceful. B16 cb6ebe430718e285b6d47983ed6c8880 46fb950779725299fe4f5b905fd4bea9 FullSizeRender-14

The people are unlike any I have ever met. The women never cut their hair. For a small fee, they insist to carry your bags and help you across the river.

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I “helped” to plant some stacks of rice and discovered I was doing it all wrong. There is an age old system to everything in China. Including their maze-like plumbing system made from bamboo. I was a grateful traveler.

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Whenever I opened my laptop and cracked my fingers to dig in to writing my book, it was like opening a book of spells. I would escape back in time to my favorite place. The many smells of rich earth and water buffalo, of sharp spices and tricking water, of steamed rice and bamboo soup, would rush into my mind. It was easy, and yet difficult, to try to capture the setting. I wanted to do it justice. So, when I received reviews like the ones below, it made me happy.

“The beautiful descriptive settings in places like China and Morocco, sweep you away as if you were there. Not only do you “see” what it would looks like there, but you also learn many things about the culture.”

“I loved how the book was set in China. I have never been there but it made me want to go.”

“The author has an incredible way of describing the scenes (especially in China) that even though I’ve never been there – I can picture it so well.”

“**Warning, this book will give you the travel bug after you read it, you may feel like spontaneously buying a ticket to China!”

FullSizeRender-17       FullSizeRender-15

Happy travels! Thanks for stopping by. I love to hear from you. What are some of the settings in your novels or some of your favorite spots to travel? – Tara

Photos are found on China-travel, SkylanD, and my own photo albums 🙂

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