Chinese watercolor. – I studied this process in a University in Guangzhou, China and also with a private instructor. It was so fun to learn how to paint on rice paper and learn all of the symbolism behind the different techniques and brush strokes.

photo-49  photo-50 photo-51photo-53  photo-52

Mini paintings – 2″ x 2″ – I have a lot of fun doing miniature paintings and sell out of them quickly whenever I do them.

IMG_5543     IMG_5567.JPG

5″ X 5″ paintings.

IMG_5649.JPG  IMG_5645.JPG  IMG_5677.JPG

Floral paintings – I’m drawn to flowers. I’ve worked in different garden centers and flower shops for going on 20 years. I’ve seen some stunning blooms. These are done in oil and acrylic and all have flower seeds or petals worked into the paint.

DSCN2239 DSCN2279 DSCN2287
DSCN2286 IMG_7090 DSCN2285

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