Learning Guitar and learning how to Write – one in the same¬†–¬†This article was spot on and could very well be altered to the process of writing.

So, a few days a week I teach guitar. I love it. It’s fun to see how the kids improve. They come to the first lesson starry eyed with visions of becoming the next Katy Perry, or Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber. *Insert eye roll to the names listed*

Slowly, the excitement fades as they begin to realize it takes one very important thing in order to get good . . . practice.

Ah, practice. Practice, practice.

I realized that is exactly the stage I am at with my own writing. That is why I started a new blog. So please bare with me as I tune my instrument and squeak through learning new songs. Your ears and eyes might hurt for a bit, but hopefully someday I will be able to perform for you.