* Falling for the Bad Boy and living to tell about it: How to write a bad boy into your work in progress.

* Villains: How to write a believable villain.

* The importance of Setting in your novel: How to make your setting come alive.

* Plotting your novel: How to marry Scrivener and Save the Cat

* Death in writing: How to write a death scene.

* Info dumps in novels are bad: Here are some tips on how to break up an info dump.

* The eyes are the window to our P.O.V.: Here are some tips on how to fix Point Of View issues.

* Whip it into shape: Here are some ways you can edit your manuscript.

* The Energy sucking “I”: How to avoid the over usage of pronouns.

* Writing a Memoir is hard. Be brave. Share your story.

* Thankful: Maybe it’s okay to use your family as guinea pigs for your novel.

* Research Before the Internet: Here are some ways that research can make your story come to life.

* You are Here: Do you sink in defeat, or do you enjoy the view when writing gets hard?

* Writing fact Mingled with Fiction: How to make fiction seem real.

* Find your Tribe: Writing is a lonely business, here are a few tips on how you can find people like you.

* Writer’s block vs. Writers Resistance: What are the differences and how you can overcome them.

* Don’t Be Set In Stone: Let your story evolve, it will become better.

* ??? Inspiration ???: One of my favorite TED talks and what I think about our creative genius.

* Skiing and Writing – how they relate: Motivation to keep writing when it’s seems impossible.

* First Liners – How to “Pick Up” on your Readers: How to hook your reader.

* Gardening and Writing – how they relate: How to plan a successful novel.

* The Art of Asking: TED talk about asking for what you want.

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